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Luggage Trade-In Event Helps Needy

Posted by Mark Gallo on

CircaTerra Travel Outfitters joins Briggs & Riley’s national charity program “A Case for Giving” to benefit local children and families in crisis.

The event runs February 1 – 28 in CircaTerra’s Loreto Plaza store, 3317A State St, Santa Barbara.

A nationwide effort, Briggs & Riley’s “A Case for Giving” works in cooperation with more than 290 retail partners to get your gently used rolling bag to someone in immediate need in local communities.

“As a local retailer one of our brand values is to do good things for our community. We are very pleased to have been invited to participate in “A Case for Giving”, said Mark Gallo, CircaTerra’s president.

“Last year this event collected 1,500 bags for the needy across the US.” said Briggs & Riley CEO, Richard Krulik.

Here’s how it works:

Bring your used wheeled luggage to CircaTerra Travel Outfitters between February 1 and February 28, and receive $50 credit toward a new Briggs & Riley bag for each used wheeled bag you donate, or $100 credit toward a new Briggs & Riley bag if you donate a used Briggs & Riley bag.

All trade-in bags brought to CircaTerra will be donated to Casa Pacifica and St. Vincent's Santa Barbara, local non-profits helping children and families in transition.

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